Typical Construction Site

S6 Total Station sighting into Bag-house 3

Noble Consulting Surveyors are pleased to announce the successful completion of the holding down bolt set-out at Muja power station, near Collie, two hours south of Perth, Western Australia.

For those of you who are not in the construction industry, a Holding down bolt is a large bolt placed into a concrete slab before it is poured to be used for securing large machinery, structures and buildings to the ground. These concrete slabs are usually over 1m deep, with the bolts extending into them 0.5m on average. The structures to be secured are usually constructed of pre-fabricated steel, with no margin for error at the point where they meet the bolts.

Its all about Precision

Using a mini-prism ensures maximum accuracy

Setting out of these bolts is a critical task for the surveyor, and all responsibility for locating them lies on his shoulders, with the potential cost of incorrect placement being enormous.

This project entailed the set-out of over 100 holding down bolts for Bag-houses, ID Fans and other foundations with a tolerance of 2mm for position and height. As anybody in the construction industry would know, concrete is an unforgiving beast and there is no room for error when setting out these bolts.

Using our Trimble S6 total station and mini-prism we were able to provide these tolerances for our client, Smith Constructions of Bunbury, with unwavering accuracy throughout the project. After all the concrete had been poured and cured, the Bag-houses and ID Fans made of precast Steelwork and over 10 metres high, were lowered onto the bolts with ease, adding yet another successful project to the NCS belt.

Exhaustive planning and calculations went into preparing the set-out data for the Holding Down Bolts, ensuring that upon our arrival to site we were prepared to locate the bolts with maximum efficiency and precision.

Total Station Surveying

Sighting through to the next Holding down bolt.

Our Surveying experience in the Construction industry has proven itself to be a valuable asset for our client, perhaps you know somebody who could also benefit from our services? If you do, please like or share this post with them, or visit our site to find out what other services we offer.

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Principal Surveyor and Manager at Noble Consulting Surveyors. Darren has over 12 years experience in the Surveying Industry. Throughout this time he has been providing Survey Services in Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Western Australia's Southwest and Northwest regions. Darren has cultivated a wide variety of skills & techniques in the Surveying Profession and looks forward to sharing some of what he has learned over the years.

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